War Criminal


They Lied





Here's your tax money at work creating psychotic killers.


U.S. Marines Execute an Iraqi to the Cheers of Other Marines


I'm sure by now you've all heard of Senator Chuck Hagel's call for "considering" a draft. Yet another politician is now calling for forcing young Americans to travel half way around the world to kill and die in a war based on lies.  Is there anything more disgusting or immoral?

Well it looks like not everyone is going to roll over on this one.  Here's how one person says he will react if his government masters come to seize his kid:

I have a conscription age kid, and an enemy in anyone who attempts to enforce this. I'm no psychic, but I predict that draft enforcement will be an extremely risky job. I have already decided that lethal force will be used against anyone attempting to enforce a draft on my kid. Mandatory conscription would be a trigger toward organized resistance here and the possible beginning of a civil war. If it were our shores or cities being attacked, I would be just as adamant about fighting them as I would be protecting my freedom and my loved ones, however in this case the enemy is within, and neither I nor my children will fight for Halliburton, Carlyle, or their political cronies. They have already taken major steps to close loopholes and places to escape to, although I will bet all of my worldy possessions that some form of loophole will be created for the draft age kids of defense contractors, the very wealthy, and politicians. We will never fight FOR these greedy fuckers, but we will be more than happy to fight against them though; I can't think of a better cause.


Pictures our government masters don't want us to see regarding the cost of this war: